Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Our fair city

The McCalls took a little stroll downtown yesterday. Durham is a cool place. We like to walk around and dream about having a storefront and living upstairs and being more urban than we are now. We really like downtown Durham because of the way it was kind of abandoned during the strip-mall years, and now pretty much everything there is very little changed from the city's heyday in the 20s. The architecture is great and the city is gritty, but there is all this energy from people investing in it again. It has changed for the better in so many ways even in the last 6 years that we've been here. You should come visit us soon! One place we love to go (and take our visitors) in the summer is locopops. Mmmmm . . . .

I let Ella have a teeny lick of my apricot/pomegranate popsicle and I WISH I could have caught a picture of her face. That is definitely the strongest flavor she has met yet. It was really funny. By the way, the popsicle pictured is strawberries and cream. We normally get at least 2 each when we go. : )

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