Wednesday, July 28, 2010


 So let's talk carseats, folks.

 The picture above is of one of Ella's very first strolls way back in March. Can you see how tiny she is in there?

Do you like your carseat? I chose mine because it was recommended by Baby Bargains and it really handily snaps into this tiny stroller frame. I did not want an SUV stroller. So far, the seat has delivered. It is handy and tiny. But for being a thing you frequently carry your kid around in, I find it to be sooo lacking in so many features. And it's not just my brand of carseat, it's the whole bucket carseat thing in general. I'm sure Ella is very safe in her rear facing foam padded hard shelled 7 gajillion pound seat. But she is also hot, carsick and angry at being wrassled into the harness. Mama is hot from the wrassling, worried about sweaty little Ella (who is getting hotter in the seat because of screaming about it), out of breath from trying to lug the thing from car to stroller, and has a huge bruise on her thigh from it whacking into her as she tries to carry it with arm outstretched. Please someone make a better carseat system! Or I'm going to!

My perfect system would have a soft, breathable babyholder with no hard parts (except buckles). This would be able to be attached to you to wear like a backpack or front carrier, to a hard carseat shell in the car, or to a stroller. You would only have to fuss with the harness once, maybe even zip into it like a sleepsack or swaddler. You could even have several in different colors, all supremely washable. Am I dreaming?

However, I did, this morning, discover the orbit baby system. And I want it. Bad. It is not my perfect idea. (Phew! I can still invent it that means! And judging from the fetching price, I should go ahead and do it!) But it does have a flexible handle (THANK YOU!), a swivelling base (cool!), breathable fabric, and a snap in snap out system which is what I like about our current one.

Let's be serious here. I know I can probably count my readers on my fingers and toes, but wouldn't it be awesome if I was one of those powerhouse mommy bloggers who gets awesome expensive stuff for free if she promises to tell everyone she liked it? Orbit baby? Are you out there? I really like you! But I guess I won't reaaaallly know if you are as awesome as I think until you send me the free carseat. ; )

$800 is a lot of money friends. Not exactly penny-pinching. However, these things are selling on e-bay for almost as much used. It's like an investment really. . . . sigh. Would it be worth it to spend that much on a really high use item? More importantly, could I make a convincing case to my husband for doing so?

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