Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Back to work

Today was my first shift back on the floor. What a shock! It was so strange to be back in my pre-mother world and without Ella for so long today. I was really nervous to leave her, even  though I was so glad that Paul's parents and Granddad were here to shower her with love and help Paul out while I was gone. I had a hard time falling asleep last night, and to make matters worse, just as I was starting to, Ella woke up with a shriek out of no where. I was sure she was having nightmares about being abandoned by her mother. Of course then she slept beautifully, after I comforted her that one time, until 4 am.

One hour later I woke up and spent tooons of extra time getting all my supplies together and getting ready to go. And the way it felt to me, the next thing I knew I was coming back home. It was a very nice steady shift and so much fun to see all my nursing buddies again. I think this one day a week thing could be good. It's also fantastic the little chunk of change I made. Enough to justify the occasional pedicure for sure. (Right Paul? ; ) ) If only we could always have such wonderful babysitters:

Look at the concentration on Ella's face! She loves to read already it seems!

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