Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ella, this is summer!

Today I introduced Ella to some of the best summer vacation has to offer. This morning we went down to see a free movie at the North Hills cinema with our cousins. Do all movie theaters offer free weekday 10am shows in the summer? Mine did growing up and I was happy to learn that they do that up here too. What a great thing! The only problem was the choice of movie . . . Mall Cop? Come on folks! Not a kids movie. But since we had no cash invested, we just bailed and went back to Jenny' house to watch the Princess and the Frog. Fun. And made me want, for the first time, to visit New Orleans. We have been having a lot of fun with our cousins this summer. Here's a shot of some painting we did last week.

Then this afternoon, we hung out at my other friend Jenny's pool with some fun girls from work. We had  really good time and Ella loved swishing around in the water. I was actually kind of glad it was cloudy today too because it was good for a morning movie and it allowed Ella to wear her ADORABLE swimsuit without getting a sunburn.

Lazy morning with a movie and family? Lazy afternoon at the pool with friends? Summer is so lovely.

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