Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baptism and turbine engines

 Today, Ella was baptized. It was a beautiful ceremony. Truly wonderful. It was so good to have the family in town. My cousin Jenny and her husband Rich and their daughters (our god-daughters) Ericka and Kimberly came to church with us too. And some of the non-present family were represented in Ella's beautiful dress. It was made by my mother and the little slip underneath was made by my grandmother. I was baptized in it when I was a baby. The dress really deserves its own post, which it may get later this week.

Our pastor spoke so well about the significance of baptism and specifically infant baptism, which Paul and I had talked a lot about. I didn't realize how special it would be when it actually occurred. It was wonderful to welcome Ella into the family of faith and to have all of our church-family pray with us for her, and to see them raise their hands saying they would help us to raise her as a Christian. It was so secure-feeling. Even though of course her baptism doesn't bring her salvation, it was encouraging to hear the promises from scripture about how God blesses the children of his people. Hallelujah.

Here are some pictures of our family together, and of Ella with her great-grandfather, who was a life-long missionary, a great-grandfather in faith as well. (Sarah, I love those burp-cloths!)

After church we sent the McCalls off on their trip back home and then went to lunch with Jenny and her family. Here is Ericka doing a great job entertaining Ella. She and Kimberly kept saying, "I like Ella." I think the feeling is mutual. : )

Lastly, and unrelated, I would just like to highlight the excellent bro in law relationship between Paul and Joe and the respect for and faith in each other that exists between them. Here is a message from Joe to Paul.

Love it. When I last checked in, Paul was googling "make your own turbine engine." Look out world, the two of them can be unstoppable.

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