Saturday, June 19, 2010


Sometimes I worry about being too happy. Does that sound cheesy? I don't mean it that way. I just always think back to a teeny bopper book I read as a 13 year old that started describing this perfect girl's life so deliciously in the first chapter. I was there--I was her vicariously. Then in chapter 2 the plot started to fall apart, of course. A perfect life is not a good story. But I was so disappointed, and somehow that feeling sticks in my head as the best example of my constant suspicion that makes me think of happiness in life as the set up for the problem in the story. I need to pray about trusting God more minute by minute so I can enjoy whatever happiness comes my way and not ruin it with imagining the upcoming conflict that is probably not the Author's intent, while knowing that if he does have a 'good story' in mind, he'll bring me through to the redemptive ending.

Anyway, right now, we are so happy.

Ella is learning to hold things! I had to help her grab on to her bunny, but she really enjoyed waving it around:

And Ella took an awesome long nap yesterday that allowed her Mama to play with the SUPER new sewing machine. I LOVE the new sewing machine! Some of the tunics have been getting overcast seams and very fancy neckhole stitching. Hopefully the kids who get the practice fancy ones won't be tempted to vanity. ; )

Also yesterday, Ella sat and looked at blogs with me for a while yesterday. How fun!!!

 Today is a sun-shiny saturday. We've been to the farmer's market, Ella's wearing a super dress and fancy bow, and we have sewing and gardening planned for the afternoon. Sigh and smile.


Jennifer said...

Hi Emily! Love your blog that sweet Martha Hopper pointed me to :) We miss you and Paul, and if we knew your little Ella bean better, we'd be missing her, too. I love this post... we are thankful that you are so happy now. What a gift from God! Hope to see more of you soon!

Jen Vincent

Pastor Dan said...

Not Pastor Dan. It's Mom

I remember feeling the same sort of nervousness about being so happy when Dad and i were engaged and (of course) i wrote a poem about it:

His love and friendship make me feel contented deep inside.

I smile each time I think that I am going to be his bride.

My friends and family never seemed so dear to me before

And everywhere I look, I find that good times are in store.

The colors that were always bright now absolutely glow.

How long this joy is going to last, of course, no one can know.

But if I could, I'd frame this time and hang it up to see

A point in life when everything was wonderful for me--

The first of many paintings in a gallery that's filled

With memories of the happy years my love and I will build.

I like the idea of framing the times of your life and hanging them in your gallery. You can walk past the ones you don't like so much and linger at the beautiful ones.