Monday, June 07, 2010

Wedding!!! (Megan's) : )

Wow! What a week we had! So much happened and this will still be a ridiculously long post, even though I am hitting only a fraction of the high points!

Our trip down to Tallahassee was fine. Ella did an excellent job for such a little tiny girl.

The first activity was a really classy bachelorette bash, if I do say so myself! I think Meg had a great time even though between the bridesmaids, I think all the little details of the "surprise" night got leaked ahead of time.

I wanna tell you. Meg has some awesome friends (and sister-in-law!). Those girls put in some serious hours of work getting ready for the wedding.

Here's Meggie's super-cute reaction to seeing her gorgeous wedding vision become reality:

The wedding itself was attended by some beautiful people:

I don't think Ella was as irritated by the whole thing as she looks . . .

Megan was a beautiful bride!

After all the excitement, we had a lot of family over to the lake house. We had a fantastic time playing Apples to Apples and jumping off the dock.

It was such a treat for Ella to get to meet her uncle Mike!

She also had some special time with Granddaddy.

Ella had special times with everyone really. She smiled and cooed and even did her first giggle, which almost had me bawling it was so precious. That was for Gramma. She hasn't done one since, but I can't wait to hear more!

Here we are in front of the lovely lake, not a pull down background, I promise. (I love that green dress!)

Last picture was a yummy treat on the way home while passing through Columbia.

It was soooo good.

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