Thursday, June 17, 2010

Janome, yeah you know me!

Well, today I got an unexpected happy surprise. A brand new sewing machine that is soooo cool! It came about like this. I am making tunics for VBS. They are really easy and I am really happy to be able to do something I really like and help out at church as well. But, alas, my sewing machine has gotten pretty tuckered out with all of the dressmaking and pattern-making class and everything else I've put it through over the past couple of years. The stitches it was making today were suddenly getting longer and longer and longer--like an inch long! Not effective. I called the help line and they told me it probably needed some maintainance done. So I took it to the Singer store and the man told me it would be almost more than the machine was worth to fix it, and there happened to be a fancy pre-owned machine in perfect condition that I could get for a great deal, and after a little chat with Paul, I was the new owner of a cool Janome machine that is so fancy and has a computer and does all these crazy stitches and that the man promised was really reliable even though it has a computer. I can't wait to try it out. These tunics aren't going to know what hit them! : )

Here is a picture of me telling my old machine thank you for her service. (Taken from Paul's phone in the store.)

 And drumroll please . . .

 Here is my fancy new sewing machine! I am so excited!

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