Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So, so? How do you like the new look?

Paul helped me put all this together. I am sooo thankful for a husband who knows his way around computerland. Isn't it pretty? More functional too--now you can leave comments even if you don't have a google account. Nice.

It appears I have developed a bit of a blogging habit since the new star of this blog was born. I just love being able to share what we are up to with friends and family who aren't here with us, and I love that my archives are turning into the easiest baby book ever. So I thought I would make my blog look cooler . . . and enter a little bloggy contest.

There's a registry called where I went to find the mommy blogs I read. It is so great to hear about other people's experiences and see all their cute little baby pictures. And I thought I would put my blog up there too to share what we've got with anyone who wants to hear another story. They gave me a nice little button to put on the side of my blog. See it? Below my picture to the right? If you click on it, I get a vote, and the more votes I get, the closer to the front page I get, and the more people will get to meet me and Ellie-belly. By the way, there are some really great blogs on the site. If you like that kind of thing, click through a little.

Thank you and good night!

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