Sunday, June 27, 2010


Today was Ella's first Sunday in the nursery at church. Yes I was a crazy camera mama taking pictures of her there. But now we can all benefit. : )

 Notice how Paul labeled her right shoe "McCall" with masking tape. She also got a more official label from the nursery workers you can see to the left. : ) She seemed to have a great time. She was laying on a boppy pillow under a little activity gym when we came back, no tears in sight, and smiled huge when she saw me. Also, I got to wear a little lamb bracelet to identify me as Ella's mom, which felt as significant as the first time I had on scrubs or my safety patrol badge back in 5th grade. I've always seen it as the true badge of motherhood at church. : )

 Handy that it matched my dress eh?

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