Thursday, June 24, 2010

More about bibs

We are learning all about wearing bibs and have found a couple of things. #1. Not only are bibs good for protecting clothing, they also make excellent teethers. (Ella found that one out--I never would have suspected!)

However, there is a little problem with bibs. They also make really good blindfolds. Ella is able to flip her bib up over her face, but can't get it back down. I keep hearing these little concerned squeals and run over to find her with her little face hidden behind the bib. However, I think even though she still can't get the thing off her face, she finally resigned herself to it, because this is how she fell asleep.

I've also heard that when babies first learn to stand holding onto things, they can't get back down by themselves until they fall. What a lot of work they have to do to get those motor skills down! Poor babies.

Did I mention that Mama loves Ella?

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