Friday, June 11, 2010

birthday and bibs

Yesterday was my birthday! The big 2-9. Yikes. But so far so good for the 29th year. I sort of like the number better than 28. Can't explain why. But it feels good. : )

I had a nice quiet day with my in-laws and then Paul and I got to go out for dinner while his parents babysat for us. A definite highlight of the day was this delicious cake Paul brought me:

I've been admiring these incredible cakes from the Mad Hatter bakery, where Paul and I have our ritual saturday morning danish and coffee before the farmers market, for a long time and have dropped plenty of hints about how much I'd like to try one on my birthday and . . . I forgot but Paul didn't! I was so excited. It was as yummy, no more yummy, than expected. There's still some left too . . . . mmmmm.

In Ella's world there is some news. She is getting very close to 3 months. Wow! And she has definitely graduated to needing a bib. My little sweetheart is now pouring out drool constantly. Paul's mom suggested she could be starting to teethe early. That was a shocking idea. But maybe so. It is really amazing how quickly this new little behavior started and how steady the faucet is! But like so many aspects of taking care of Ella, I am really enjoying the fashion piece. A bib is almost like a little necklace! We haven't really used any until now. But I think I will get into coordinating this! Yes, yes, I realize this is shallow. But isn't it part of the perks of having a little girl?

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